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Edelbrock 650cfm AVS2 1905 Manual Choke Carb

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The AVS2 Series Edelbrock carburettors are the next genderation of carburettors from Edelbrock.  These new carburettors feature annular flow primary boosters with new calibration for improved off idle and cruising performance.  The annular flow booster design delivers improved fuel atomisation to eliminate flat spots that can be encountered when transitioning from idle to full throttle.  See the Edelbrock web site for full details on the annular boosters.  The improved flow metering makes these carburettors ideal for a wide variety of small-block and big block engines.  The Edelbrock carb will bolt on and run straight from the box for dependable street performance and smooth response throughout the power band.  Float levels are set at the factory and there are no failure prone power valves.  You can change mixture settings in seconds and all gaskets are above the fuel level for a leak free operation.  The AVS series of carbs differ from the Performer Series with a number of improvements and have an adjustable Secondary Air Valve to allow for limitless calibration of the secondary circuit for accurate tuning across the RPM range.  The square bore base fits conventional carb pattern e.g. Holley and the 5 1/8” neck accepts the popular air cleaners.  The Edelbrock 650 Carb is designed for small block and some big block applications.  Match with a variety of intake manifolds such as Performer, Performer RPM, RPM Air-Gap and Torker II.  This carb is manual choke, fitted with .101 primary and .098 secondary jets and with .070 x .037 metering rods.  Carb height 3 1/4″ (83mm).  For carb studs use EDEL8008.  For calibration kit use EDEL1948.  For adjustable fuel inlet use EDEL8089

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