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Tremec T56 Magnum-F

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We now stock the Tremec T56-Magnum-F six speed transmission designed specifically to replaced the original T-56 in 4th Gen 1998-02 GM F-body LS powered Camaros and Firebirds but can also be used in the 3rd Gen cars together with many other conversions – such as the MkIV Toyota supra conversion.  The basis of the transmission is from the highly successful T-56 Magnum but with revised shifter location specifically to suit the 4th Gen F-body cars.  Rated at 700 lb-ft or torque, the close ratios are:1st 2.66, 2nd 1.78, 3rd 1.30, 4th 1.00, 5th 0.80, 6th 0.63 Rev 2.90

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