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Rover V8 to Tremec T5 Bellhousing

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Put a Tremec T5 Gearbox behind your Rover V8 engine in TVR, MGBV8, Morgan, Cobra and Hot Rods




Many customers have asked us for a sollutuion to fit the Tremec T5 transmission behind the Rover V8 based engine used in MGB V8, TVR, Morgan and many other custom applications.

This is another of our own bellhousings – designed to fit the new Tremec T5 (Ford 5.0 Mustang based) transmissions straight on to Rover V8 engines.  This one-piece unit was produced from CNC cut patterns and is a fully CNC machined, heat treated aluminium casting.  There is no need for adaptor plates and the machining accuracy results in little need to use offset dowels for accurate bellhousing alignment.  It will accommodate either the standard Rover flywheel or aftermarket billet flywheels as well as standard and aftermarket clutch sets.  This bellhousing is designed to use the following options for clutch release:


Clutch fork, release bearing and cable operation or,

Clutch fork, release bearing and external slave cylinder or

Internal hydraulic release bearing kit


Our bellhousing depth is 174mm


A discount is available for customers also purchasing the transmission from us and we have a full package available for the install.


This bellhousing may not fit secondhand T5 transmissions as there are many variants of these.  This unit is designed to fit the new Tremec T5 (Ford Mustand 5.0) application.  The T5 has been used in many other production vehicles, most of which have a number of dimension variations.  Customers purchasing this unit must verify this is suitable for their transmission or will take the responsibility for the fitment to their transmission.


We also have an alternative bellhousing available for Rover V8 onto Tremec TKO/ Tremec TKX

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