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MSD 6AL Unit

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MSD 6AL ignition control unit.  Provides powerful multiple sparks at high rpm for a more complete combustion and increase in power.  Will also provide a high power spark at low rpm for increased fuel efficiency and ease of starting.  This unit is designed for street and some race use and is required with most MSD distributors and will work with GM HEI and many other ignitions.  This unit is the same as MSD6200 except it also features a built in rev-limiter.  The limiter drops cylinders in the firing order to reduce rpm, then fires these cylinders on the next cycle to prevent over fuelling.  Adjustable rev limit with 3,000, 6,000, 7,000 and 8,000 rpm plug in modules supplied.  Further specific module kits are available to purchase separately.  Use with MSD8202 coil.  Recommend also installing MSD8830 noise filter.  CALL FOR CURRENT PRICING

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