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Tremec TKX Jaguar V12 5 Speed Package


5 Speed Manual Gearbox Conversion For Jaguar V12 Engines


We have produced a complete 5 speed manual gearbox package for Jaguar V12 engines.  This package is not specifically designed for a particular Jaguar vehicle but provides the customer with a new manual 5-Speed gearbox that can be fitted behind the Jaguar V12 engine.  Some Jaguar vehicles may require further parts or modifications to make this package suitable for their vehicle.


Our package has been designed by ourselves to use the Tremec TKX gearbox (which we can supply in a choice of gear ratios).  Most of the components in this package are designed or produced by ourselves and only sold as a complete package.  The components supplied may not work if parts from our package are substituted for other components and for this reason we do not sell these items separately.


The TREMEC TKX is the latest in a line of very successful 5-speed rear wheel drive manual transmissions and has been developed solely for the aftermarket.  The TKX also has a choice of gear shifter positions.  The standard shifter supplied can be removed and rotated 180 degrees in order to move the shifter forward by approx. 75mm.  There is also a forward shifter kit available that will move the shifter forward from original position by approx. 173mm (additional cost).  Our bellhousing is produced using CNC machine cut patterns and our process for machining these with CNC mills results in consistent, accurate and great looking aluminium heat treated bellhousings.  The bellhousing machining allow it to be used with both the earlier small dowel and later large dowel V12 blocks.


The package is available for all 5.3 litre V12 blocks and can also be used with the 6.0 litre engine (with minor modifications by the customer).  Due to the various changes over the years of the Jaguar V12 engine, we require information from the customer on the engine they will be using in order for us to supply the correct components for their package.  Over the years, the V12 Jaguar engine uses two types of dowel location on the block and three different crankshaft styles.


This package includes our external clutch slave kit, which provides an easy to access hydraulic unit mounted externally to the bellhousing.  The package is available with an internal hydraulic release bearing for vehicles that do not have the room to mount our external slave.


Our billet steel flywheel has the correct teeth count for the Jaguar V12 (160 teeth) and so can be used with the Jaguar sensor (if mounted to our bellhousing – requiring additional work).  The standard Jaguar starter motor is retained.


The following list of all new parts are included in our package (there are no used, reconditioned or exchange parts used in the kit):
Tremec TKX manual 5-Speed transmission with a choice of gear ratios

Roadcraft CNC machined one piece bellhousing suitable for small and large dowel engines

Roadcraft billet steel 160 teeth flywheel

Custom 10.5” clutch cover and disc

Clutch fork

Roadcraft clutch release bearing

Adjustable clutch pivot

Roadcraft roller spigot bearing (we have two variants depending on engine year / crank fitted)
Roadcraft billet external clutch slave cylinder kit including mount and actuating rod
New transmission mount
ARP clutch cover bolts

ARP flywheel bolts
All bolts for attachment of gearbox and bellhousing
Assembly information

Gear ratios are the same from 1-4th gear.  Choose from 0.81 (road race) or 0.68 (cruise):
1st 1:2.87
2nd 1:1.89
3rd 1:1.28
4th 1:1.00
5th 1:0.81 or can specify 0.68

Rev 1:2.56

Package Price £5200 + vat

Our clutch fork will also accept cable operation – if your vehicle uses this.


We also have twin disc clutch sets available for customers with up to 600+ HP


Additional parts may be required for some applications or engine years.  Additional parts we supply are:

  • Flywheel dowels and retainer plate – fitted on early engines
  • Forward shifter – will move the gear shift position further forward by 173mm
  • Speedo take off adapter – converts the push in speedo drive to a male threaded style to attach speedo cable.
  • Propshaft yoke (first section of propshaft that fits into TKX)
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