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We have put together a new Tremec T-5 5 speed transmission package that can be used behind 289,302, 351 Ford V8 engines.  The components in this package are based on the later 302 with 50oz flywheel, although we can also supply the components to suit early 302, 289 and 351 engines.  We also stock adapter plates to use the T5 package with original Ford 5 and 6 bolt bellhousings.


The Tremec T5 transmission is our entry level 5 speed transmission, but this compact transmission is still capable of handling 300 lb-ft of torque, making it the ideal choice for stock or mild tuned engines of over 300hp.  This transmission is a more compact unit than the Tremec TKO and so will fit in the standard transmission tunnel of many cars without modification.

The Tremec T5 is a durable transmission with easy operation and a deep overdrive – making it ideal for hot rods, street rods, kit cars and 1960’s Mustang upgrades.
Ratios are:
1st 1:2.95
2nd 1:1.94
3rd 1:1.34
4th 1:1.00
5th 1:0.63
Rev 1:2.76

Our transmission package is complete with all parts to install a manual transmission behind Small Block Ford V8 engines.  This package assumes the customer has a standard or mild performance 1984 or later style small block 302 (with one piece rear seal and 50oz unbalance).  The cast flywheel supplied in this package is external balance 157 teeth (check that your starter motor will accept this).  Earlier 302 (28 oz unbalance) together with 351W and 351C can be accommodated at additional cost.  The package is ready to use cable clutch operation but this can easily be converted to hydraulic slave by adding one of our external slave kits or by using our hydraulic internal release bearing.

This package of parts consists of a new Tremec T5 and:

New cast 157 teeth flywheel
New one piece CNC machined aluminium bellhousing
New complete 10.5” clutch assembly (metric diaphragm)
New clutch release arm
New clutch release bearing
New roller spigot bearing
New transmission mount
New dust cover for bellhousing
Flywheel bolts
Clutch cover bolts
All bolts for attachment of gearbox and bellhousing
Assembly information


We also have a new billet external clutch slave cylinder kit including mount and actuating rod that can be used with this package – at additional cost


1960’s Mustangs will require a new gearbox cross-member.  Contact us for more info on this – 1964-66 Mustangs and 1967-73 will use different parts.  We carry cable operation or hydraulic conversion kits for this.  Mustangs that originally had 4-speed manual gearboxes can retain the bellhousing and clutch mechanism by using our adapter plate as an alternative.  Mustangs that were originally automatic will require clutch pedal parts and gear shifter/gaiter parts in additon to this kit of parts.  The propshaft will require modification for this conversion.


Customers with higher horsepower engines may wish to upgrade to billet flywheel and up-rated clutch.  The Tremec 600 package is also available for higher output engines or for customers preferring the TKO 600 gear ratios.


£2885 + VAT

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