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LS3 Engine and Tremec TKX Transmission Package

We have put together this complete engine and transmission package for those customers wanting a total solution for their vehicle. The engine is complete and ready to run and is coupled to one of our Tremec TKK 5 speed gearboxes with all required components including billet slave cylinder. This total powertrain package eliminates the need to go elsewhere for other components to complete the installation or questions regarding compatibility of parts. The price of this package includes fitting of engine ancillaries together with flywheel, clutch and clocking in bellhousing. A discount has been applied for customers ordering this one part solution.



Based upon the GM LS3 engine this complete engine is ready to drop into your project. The engine package is supplied in the same ready to run style as the units in our classic V8 engine range that we have become famous for.


Power output of this LS3 is 430HP with 424 Lb-Ft Torque. This aluminium block engine is equipped with oil pan and L92-type rectangular-port cylinder heads giving 10.7:1 compression ratio. Valves are 2.165” on the intake and 1.59” on the exhaust.


This package gives you a new GM production vehicle engine equipped with:

Control Sensors

Water Pump

Alternator, brackets and Idler

Spark Plugs

Ignition Coils

Intake Manifold and Throttle Body

Mass Airflow Meter

Oxygen Sensors

Starter Motor

ECU and harness are also available from us 


Using our Tremec TKX gearbox, Roadcraft bellhousing and billet slave cylinder, this transmission package answers all the questions of fitting a TKK gearbox to a GM LS engine. Included in the kit:

Tremec TKX Gearbox

Roadcraft LS CNC Bellhousing

LS Flywheel (Aluminium option available)

Complete Clutch Set

Roadcraft Billet Slave Cylinder

Spigot bearing (needle bearing)

Release Bearing

Clutch Fork

Flywheel Bolts

Clutch Bolts

Gearbox Mount


Call For Pricing


We can also offer this package with the Tremec T56 Magnum transmission and the McLeod RST twin disc clutch set.

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