Chevrolet 383 Short Block Crate Engine

Chevrolet 383 Short Block Crate Engine
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We now stock Blueprint Engines in the UK

Blueprint Engines 383 Short Block.  This engine is built from a re-machined early production Chevrolet 350 block with 4-bolt mains and two-piece rear seal.  It is assembled with a cast 3.75" stroke crank, 5.7" forged rods and hypereutectic pistons (5cc dish).  Compression ratio is listed at approx. 11:1 with 64cc heads and 10.2:1 with 70cc heads.  This is a great way to increase the power of your existing 350 or allow you to add your choice of heads and camshaft to build the engine you have been dreaming of.  This engine will require a SBC 400 style damper and the SBC 400 counterweighted flywheel.  This engine is also available as the later style block with one-piece rear seal.

Blueprint Engines have a wide range of part numbers available.  We can add any of their part numbers that we do not stock to our next stock order.

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