Blueprint BP38318CT1 Chevy 383 Long Block

Blueprint BP38318CT1 Chevy 383 Long Block
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We now stock Blueprint Engines in the UK

An all new 383 long block built with premium components.  The basis of this engine is a new Blueprint 4 bolt main block fitted with new cast steel 3.75" stroke crank, 5.70" con rods and hypereutectic pistons.  Compression comes in at 10.0:1 and uses Blueprint 64cc aluminium cylinder heads and a roller cam with 5.44" Int 5.555" Ex lift and 230/236 deg duration to make 436hp and 443 Ft/Lb torque.

Engine will require external balance damper and flywheel / flexplate.  The block is one piece rear seat and so crank pattern is the later style (1986 onwards) but the engine can be retro fitted to cars with the early style block by using the correct flywheel / flexplate.

The engine is built from a new 4.00" bore block and so technically the cubic inch would work out at 377 (rather than 383 if the block had been bored 30 thou over).

Blueprint Engines have a wide range of part numbers available.  We can add any of their part numbers that we do not stock to our next stock order.

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