Chevy V8 to Tremec T5 CNC Bellhousing

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Our own bellhousing designed to fit a new Tremec T5 transmissions straight onto the Chevrolet V8 Small Block engines equipped with standard dimension flywheel.  This one-piece unit was produced from CNC cut patterns and is a fully CNC machined, heat treated aluminium casting.  There is no need for adaptor plates and the machining accuracy results in little need to use offset dowels for accurate bellhousing alignment.  It will accommodate 153 and 168 tooth flywheel and clutch sets.  This bellhousing is designed to use clutch fork, release bearing and external hydraulic slave cylinder (RUKMISC019) or cable operation.  We also have internal release bearings that can be used.  Designed specifically for Chevrolet V8 engines with production style flywheel when coupled to the longer input shaft (USA Ford V8 T5 transmissions).  This bellhousing is designed to to fit the new T5 that we sell.  There are many variants of T5 that have been produced over the years and this bellhousing will only be suitable for a limited number of these.  This will fit the long input USA Ford V8 T5 variant of the T5.  It will not be a direct fit for Cosworth, TVR, GM transmissions.  We also have a similar bellhousing to suit either LS engines or to fit Tremec TKO behind Small and Big Block Chevrolet engines.

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