Tremec TKO 500 5 Speed 10 Spline

Tremec TKO 500 5 Speed 10 Spline
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The Tremec TKO 500 transmission is now the entry level Tremec 5 speed transmission, but this far from makes the gearbox any lightweight on power handling capabilities. The TKO500 gearbox now has a higher torque rating than any of its model predecessors (the standard 3550, the TKO and the road race TKO11) all of which gained popularity as a high strength replacement for the T5’s. Built to handle 500lb/ft of torque the updated transmissions benefit from accommodation for 8 different shifter locations, provision for mechanical and electronic speedometer pick up, reverse lamp and neutral safety switches and a high performance, billet aluminium short throw shifter. This shifter isolates road noise whilst providing a clean crisp feel together with a unique biasing system, which is adjustable for personal preference. In order to achieve the increased torque capacity, the manufacturers now use a higher grade alloy steel (4615) on all gears and shafts, have increased the diameter on the output shaft to a 31 spline, and eliminated the woodruff keys on the countershaft by going to a one-piece design from the previous three piece. The shift forks were also completely redesigned and are now all made from cast iron and use a three-pad contact system -virtually eliminating any deflection.Ratios are:1st 3.27, 2nd 1.97, 3rd 1.34, 4th 1.00, 5th 0.68, Rev 3.00

We have bellhousings to mate this to the following engines

Ford 260, 289, 302,351

Chevrolet Small Block, Big Block, LS Engines

Rover V8, TVR, Morgan, Buick 215 V8

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