Ford M-6392-M46 Modular Ford TKX Bellhousing

Ford M-6392-M46 Modular Ford TKX Bellhousing
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Cast aluminium bellhousing for 4.6L 5.0L and 5.4L Modular Ford engine with Tremec 3550, TKO or TKX 5 Speed


We also carry this part as Tremec TCCM1899 (the same item but direct from Tremec)


This bellhousing will fit the Tremec TKX or TKO onto the late model Ford Moduar V8 engines.  Has provision for pivot ball and clutch fork (not included) or can be used with internal hydraulic release bearings.  Our external clutch slave kit will not work with this unit without modification.


Does not include steel backing plate/dust sheild


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