Sump Road Race SBC 7 7/8"

Sump Road Race SBC 7 7/8"
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Milodon’s 45+ years experience of manufacturing oil pans truly shows!  These oil pans fit and work better than any other we have tried.  This pan is the hot tip for road racing due to its trap door baffle system, which is proven to provide good oil supply in both left and right hand turns.  Highly effective in many competition classes and for ultra-high performance road use where oil control and ground clearance are of concern.  Finished in Milodon’s distinctive gold irridated finish.  Designed for Small Block Chevrolet with left hand dipstick (next to cylinder head) (1955-79).  Pan capacity 7 US Qts.  7 7/8-inch sump depth.  Recommend pick up MIL18465 when using MIL18770 oil pump (3/4" inlet).

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