Eagle H Beam SBF 5.4 Con Rod Bushed

Eagle H Beam SBF 5.4 Con Rod Bushed
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4340 H beam forged connecting rods for demanding applications up to 700hp.  Manufactured from a two-piece forging for increased strength, the stroker design provides for camshaft clearance.  Fitted with 7/16” ARP 8740 cap screw and silicon bronze bushings for floating piston pins.  Multi-stage heat treated, x-rayed, sonic tested, magnafluxed and shot peened to stress relieve.  Packaged in weight-matched sets.  Rod size 5.40” - for use with Ford 302 3.40” stroker crank and pistons.  Uses standard Ford crank bearing size of 2.123" and piston pin of 0.9272"

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