Fluidampr 650211 SBF 28oz

Fluidampr 650211 SBF 28oz
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Fluidampr harmonic dampers have developed an enviable worldwide reputation.  The crankshaft damper has to control the torsional harmonic vibration of the crankshaft after every cylinder firing.  Although these harmonics occur over a broad range of engine speeds, the conventional elastomer-type dampers are frequency sensitive – working efficiently only within a narrow rpm range.  The success of the Fluidampr is that it utilises a unique viscous silicone fluid to control all harmonic vibration at all rpm.  Fluidampr responds to the amplitude (intensity) of crankshaft vibration, regardless of engine speed or the frequency at which it occurs.  Fluidampr offers maximum control of all engine harmonic vibrations in any performance race or street engine.  The resulting benefits of the Fluidampr are increased bearing and crankshaft life, increase in horsepower due to reduced spark scatter and variations in crank timing, is laser welded / sealed, so requires no service, quiet in operation and improves valve timing accuracy by reducing torsional vibrations transferred to the timing set.  The timing marks are stamped at 2-degree intervals on the laser-welded housing (which cannot slip).  Fluidampr are SFI approved and safety tested to be explosion proof at 12,500rpm.  Dyno proven to reduce crankshaft vibration by 50% compared to leading aftermarket elastomer dampers.  This 6 5/8" damper is designed to fit Ford 289,302 & 351 externally balanced (with 28oz unbalance) engines and has the 4-bolt standard Ford pulley pattern.  The damper ring and hub can be separated by removal of the securing bolts to enable easy balancing of the rotating assembly.  The hub counterweight can be modified to suit unique applications.  Forged cranks would usually require either 28oz or internal balance – see alternative product or modify hub to suit.

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