Tremec TKO600 GM Shaft 26 Spline

Tremec TKO600 GM Shaft 26 Spline
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The Tremec TKO 600 transmission has the highest power handling capabilities in the Tremec 3550 range. The TKO 600 handles 100 lb/ft more torque than the TKO 500 gearbox which in turn has a higher torque rating than any of its model predecessors (the standard 3550, the TKO and the road race TKO11) all of which gained popularity as a high strength replacement for the T5’s. Built to handle 600lb/ft of torque the updated transmissions benefit from accommodation for 8 different shifter locations, provision for mechanical and electronic speedometer pick up, reverse lamp and neutral safety switches and a high performance, billet aluminium short throw shifter. This shifter isolates road noise whilst providing a clean crisp feel together with a unique biasing system, which is adjustable for personal preference. In order to achieve the increased torque capacity, the manufacturers now use a higher grade alloy steel (4615) on all gears and shafts, have increased the diameter on the output shaft to a 31 spline, and eliminated the woodruff keys on the countershaft by going to a one-piece design from the previous three piece. The shift forks were also completely redesigned and are now all made from cast iron and use a three-pad contact system -virtually eliminating any deflection.Ratios are:1st 2.87, 2nd 1.89, 3rd 1.28, 4th 1.00, 5th 0.82, Rev 2.56


This transmission has the GM length input shaft and bolt pattern, making it an easy change over from a GM 4-Speed

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