Eagle 3.4 Stroke SBF 5.4 Cast Crank

Eagle 3.4 Stroke SBF 5.4 Cast Crank
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 Add cubic inches to your Ford 302.  New Eagle cast steel crank with 3.4" stroke will produce 347cu.in. with a 30 thou bored block.  Cranks are inspected for dimension, size and stroke accuracy and have a journal finish of 6 R.A. or less.  Use with 5.4" rods (EAGSIR5400FB or EAGCRS5400S3D) pistons KB246, and standard size 2.123" chamfer bearings .  Multi-fit slinger allows use in early and late engines.  External balance - usually with 28oz style damper and flywheel.  Also available in 4340 forging for high power output engines (EAG430234025400).



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