Edelbrock Victor Junior SBF Heads

Edelbrock Victor Junior SBF Heads
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Edelbrock Victor Junior cylinder heads are designed for maximum horsepower.  They are ideal for many types of competition and ultra-high performance street machines.  They provide out-of-the-box bolt on performance with a potential of 500+ HP.  These heads feature large volume high flowing intake ports and .130” raised exhaust ports.  They have CNC gasket-matched port entries/exits with blended valve bowls.  The spark plug holes and valves are in the stock location with a valve cover that is raised .150”.  Hardened valve seats are used for unleaded fuel.  We stock these heads fully assembled and ready to bolt on, equipped with 1-piece swirl-polished undercut stem valves, seals, valve springs, retainers, keepers, rocker studs and hardened guide plates.  These heads need to be matched to compatible high performance engine components and should not be used on otherwise stock engines.  Designed for small block Ford V8 engines using mechanical flat tappet or hydraulic roller cams.  Alternate head EDEL7719.  60cc combustion chamber, 2.05” Intake 1.60” Exhaust valve.  Fitted with 7/16” diameter rocker studs.  Maximum valve lift .650”.  Use intake manifolds EDEL2921 for 289/302 and EDEL2981 for 351W.  Use head bolts *********for 289/302 engines (7/16”) or ********** for 351W engines with ½” head bolts.  Use head bolt bushing kit on 289/302 engines with 7/16” head bolts (not required on 351W engines or 302 fitted with ½” head bolts).  Use head gasket FEL1011-1 or FEL1011-2.  Use Intake gasket FEL1262.  Use roller rockers e.g. *********

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