Rover V8 to Tremec T5 Gearbox Package

We have a 5 speed manual transmission package using the Tremec T5 transmission and designed for the Rover V8 engine producing up to 300 lb-ft torque in conversions of TVR, Morgan V8, MGBV8, Cobra's and Hot Rods.  The Tremec T5 transmissions are a great choice as an upgrade to the Rover 5 speed transmission behind uprated engines.  These new 5 speed transmissions benefit from smooth gear shifts, provision for mechanical or electronic speedometer pick up, and reverse lamp switch.  The T5's were introduced in the 1980's and have become a highly evolved extremely compact and versatile 5 speed.  It became famed for its use in the 5.0 Mustangs and is still used in some production cars today.

T5 Ratios are:
1st 1:2.95
2nd 1:1.94
3rd 1:1.34
4th 1:1.00
5th 1:0.63
Rev 1:2.76

There is an option to have a 0.80 ratio on the above transmission.

Our transmission package is available with all parts to install a manual transmission behind a Rover V8 engine or as a package of parts that allow the customer to utilise their existing flywheel.  We have three options for clutch operation - cable operated fork, external slave with fork and internal hydraulic release bearing.

The standard package includes

New Tremec T5 transmission

New one piece CNC machined aluminium bellhousing

New clutch release arm
New clutch release bearing
New spigot bearing
New transmission mount
Clutch disc
Assembly information
All bolts for attachement of gearbox and bellhousing


Options are:

External slave cylinder kit
Internal Hydraulic Release Bearing
Billet Steel Flywheel
Heavy Duty Clutch Sets

Price: Please contact us for pricing on the package you require