Small Block Chevy V8 420HP

350RPM350RPM Polished

This Small Block Chevrolet 350 Edelbrock equipped engine is our most popular high performance street spec 350 engine.  It is built around your choice of a new or re-machined four-bolt main bearing block and is equipped with the complete Edelbrock Performer RPM package.  The tests conducted by Edelbrock with this package on a .030” bored engine produced a peak output of 420HP and 418ft lb of torque! (contact us for more information on the test conditions of this Edelbrock test).  Despite the impressive power figures, the engine remains reliable and trouble free in road use, maintaining a broad, flat torque curve over a wide RPM band.  The idle is slightly rough in comparison to stock engines, but will produce power off idle, making it an ideal performance engine in light cars.
Block - Chevy V8 350 cubic inch 4 Bolt main
Cylinder heads - Edelbrock Performer RPM (angled plug) aluminium with 2.02” int and 1.60” exh, stainless, swirl polished valves.  Heads - part number 6071
Camshaft - Edelbrock Performer RPM cam kit 7102 - with .488” int and .510” exh lift.
Timing set - Edelbrock 7800 true rolling
Intake manifold - Edelbrock Performer RPM 7101 high rise dual plane
Carburettor - Edelbrock Performer series, 750cfm manual choke
Engine assembly fitted with all parts listed in standard engine, but with the following changes / additions:
* Silicone fluid damper
* Aluminium roller rockers
* Hardened push rods
* I beam con rods
* High compression pistons
* Aluminium pulleys
* Edelbrock chrome air cleaner
* Edelbrock chrome valve covers 4649
* Chrome valve cover breathers
* Melling oil pump
* Heavy duty oil pump drive rod
* Edelbrock/ARP head bolts and fixings
* Felpro gaskets
Further options are available to enhance this street specification engine.

Engines shown may include options at additional cost.