Awesome engine
I already had a powerful 302 Ford engine in my Cobra when I approached Roadcraft and I
asked for ‘more’ - I wanted more torque, and more drivability, in order to have more
pleasure driving the car.
Outright power achieved at high rpm through huge ports, big valves and a lumpy cam is
great for track use, but can be a real pain to drive in traffic on the public road.
Brian took my request on board and built a real gem of an engine that has transformed
the whole driving experience for me. Based on a Blueprint ‘stroker’ short motor with a
carefully selected mix of Edelbrock performance parts, I now have an awesome motor
that has some ‘old school’ idle with tons of torque available from tickover, impressive
flexibility, and yet is still very powerful!
I have recently returned from a 2500-mile European tour where the new engine behaved
impeccably - powering along high-speed autobahns, romping up steep and twisty alpine
passes, no problems in heavy Italian traffic, and no leaks. It was an absolute joy to drive -
many thanks!
Martin D-S
September 2019.